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Child Support Attorney in Thayer, Missouri

No child should have to wonder whether their basic needs will be met. As a parent, you have a financial obligation to help pay for food, clothing, housing, and anything else that is required to raise a child. The child support system was created to help ensure that parents meet and maintain these parental obligations.

Child support cases can be intense and long-lasting. Whether you are an unmarried parent seeking support or are now divorced and need a court-ordered determination for support, a Missouri child support attorney can help make the process less stressful. At The Law Office of Fred O’Neill, I am dedicated to helping you navigate your child support issues and will fight on your behalf to get a fair and legal determination for support.

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Child Support in Missouri

Child support is the required monthly payment of money from one parent to another to help with the expenses of raising children. For the majority of cases, child support in Missouri is determined by using Form 14 as well as a series of child support charts determined by the Missouri Supreme Court. These tools calculate child support based on:

  • The gross income of each parent

  • The number of children

  • The financial needs of the children

  • Childcare, medical, and other expenses or considerations

Interpreting the tools and requirements for child support is extremely complex. In order to avoid legal mistakes and conflicts between parents, a child support attorney should be retained who can maneuver the court system and help establish the best solution that meets the needs of the children. As your legal representative, I will vigorously fight until you are satisfied with the outcome and have the financial resources and peace of mind you deserve.

Modifying an Existing Child Support Agreement 

Time changes things, and child support agreements are no exception. In order to request a court-ordered change for an existing agreement, there must be evidence that shows a change in circumstance that would make the terms of the original agreement no longer reasonable. 

Although this is not a definitive list, some common changes that would warrant a child support modification include: 

  • The recalculation of child support pursuant to Form 14 will result in a 20% or greater change in the support amount

  • Changes in the financial conditions of the parties

  • Emancipation of children

  • Remarriage of a former spouse

  • Relocation

  • Death

Termination of Child Support 

In Missouri, child support obligations typically end when the child turns 18. There are factors that can impact the ability to terminate a child support agreement prior to age 18 or extend it beyond. These include:

  • Support could be terminated sooner if the child marries

  • Support could be terminated sooner if the child joins the military

  • Support could be terminated sooner if the child becomes self-supporting

  • Support could be extended if the child is still in high school 

  • Support could be extended if the child has a mental or physical incapacity that requires continuous care

The easiest way to terminate a child support order is for both parents to agree and request a modification from a family court judge. Ultimately, in court-ordered agreements, courts will decide if support can be terminated based on their perception of what is best for the needs of the child. If both parents cannot come to an agreement, a child support attorney should be used to ensure the process is handled correctly.

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At The Law Office of Fred O’Neill, I have 30 years of experience helping families through custody and support battles. I have the knowledge and expertise to examine the specific needs of your case and make a plan to move forward. If you have questions about child support in Missouri, call today to get the considerate and competent help you need. The Law Office of Fred O’Neill serves parents in Thayer, Missouri, and throughout the Ozarks.